No Bake Lotus Dessert Cups | Caramel Lotus Biscoff Dessert

  • Yield: 6 glasses
  • Serving: 6
  • Prep time: 25 m
  • Cook time: 0 m
  • Ready in: 25 m
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A very delicious caramel lotus dessert with apples. This is the perfect fall flavour combination.

We start with a crunchy lotus butter mixture, then there come some apples on top and for the perfect taste we add a layer of homemade caramel pudding. Finally the dessert is topped with some whipped cream and of course the lotus biscoffs.

You really need to test out these delicious autumn, winter dessert cups.😋

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No Bake Lotus Dessert Cups


  • Crust:
  • Filling:
  • Caramel Pudding:
  • Topping:

step by step method

1. step 

First crumble the 170g lotus biscoffs for the crust. Mix in the melted butter and divide this mixture on the 6 dessert cups. (my glasses have a capacity of 280 cc = 9 1/2 oz)

2. step 

Next prepare the caramel pudding. Pour the sugar in a sauce pan and let it melt on low heat. I recommend using a wooden spoon for stirring. Now add the butter and let it melt in. As soon as it melted, you quickly add the milk. (Caution! When you wait too long, your caramel may burn, which has bad influence on the taste later on.) Since the milk is cold, the sugar will get very hard as soon as you poor it in. But don't worry, just keep on stirring, the sugar will melt into the milk.

3. step 

Next you add the flour through a sieve, step by step. Always keep stirring. Let the caramel pudding boil up and switch off the heat. After cooling off, chill in fridge for minimum 2 hours. After the pudding is cooled, rub the apples and fill them in the glasses.

4. step 

Now you add the caramel pudding layer on top.

5. step 

Last but not least decorate the cups with whipped cream. Feel free to use my picture as a reference. Divide 3 of the lotus biscoffs on two and place them as decoration on the cream. I crumbled the two left over biscoffs on top. Enjoy your dessert....

tips & variations

  • My glasses have a capacity of 280 cc = 9 1/2 oz

  • Enjoy the cups right after you made them. So the moisture of the apples won't let the crust dissolve.

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